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Golden Scissors

Our Aspirations

For quite a few years now, our aim has been one; to provide a relaxing and unique take to barbery in a traditional method. We chose to do this with the Turkish approach as the Mediterranean lands have always practiced this art to its maximum level. We wish to lend our mastery of razors and scissors to anyone wishing to try something new! We hope to see you in any one of our branches!

We want to provide you the perfect environment under the hands of our trained professionals. We ensure that you walk-in and walk-out with a fresh cut, trim or beauty-aided applied methods.

The Art of Barbering

Our Mission Statement

Golden Scissors provides a grooming service for today’s modern man.

"The Art of Barbering has been passed down from generation to generation and embedded in our work ethos"

We open our doors and welcome you to experience the true art of barbering.


Years of Experience


Happily Served


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We've mastered ancient techniques to craft the best trims possible!

Wash & Ready

Running late? Dont fret, we can cut and wash you ready to keep things fresh!

Hair Cutting Style

We perform miracles with the scissors and razor, giving the perfect style!

Fine Fading

Our fading skills have grown beyond comparison to any competition!

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